Tweeting When You’re All Out Of Ideas

Social networking comes naturally for some, and it can be a painful process for others.

Sometimes, it can feel draining, or like your time could be better spent elsewhere.

Like anything, you get what you put into it in the first place.

If you’re afraid or hesitant to communicate with your fans on Twitter because you just don’t think you have enough to say, here are a few ideas which can be used repeatedly in order to keep your Twitter feed interesting.

Tour Stories

Life on the road is an irresistible tale full of wonder and mystique to people who aren’t musicians (of course we the musicians know that this isn’t usually the case).

Yet, exciting things do happen occasionally. So keep your fans interested by regaling them with stories of your past and present tours and anything noteworthy that happens along the way.

Inside the Studio

The sheer notion that music is made here makes the recording studio awe inspiring for those who never get to step foot in one. When you’re in the studio share pictures, videos, and updates of what’s going on whenever you’re recording new tracks.

Introduce all the characters (producers, engineers, interns, other musicians, etc.) and make your audience feel like they are right there with you.

When Inspiration Hits…

If inspiration has hit for a new song, tweet about the experience after you finish writing it. Remember, tweet when it’s comfortable to you. Don’t drop everything and send a tweet during the middle of writing a song if it’s going to hinder your creative process.

Always follow your own path and do what feels right.

What works for others won’t necessarily work for you. Experiment with different methods and share what you feel comfortable with.


Tweet from backstage before the show starts. Make your content more interesting by snapping pictures of the dressing room or rider if you have one.

Similarly, send a tweet after the show is over letting your tweeps know how it all went down.

Were there any memorable moments that happened on stage that night?

What’s on your iPod?

Sometimes, it’s great to share what it is that you’re listening to.

You’ll have the double effect of tweeting good content and sending some traffic over to other artists that you enjoy. Promoting other musicians is never a bad thing!

Try a few of these ideas, and see how it goes. Along the way you can always tweet about your new music, upcoming shows, and whatever else you have coming up. Just make sure that it’s not all about you.

Always, remember that the mere fact that you are a musician, is interesting to a lot of people.

You’re already interesting, just convince yourself of it now.

These are just a few of the ideas to get your started. I’d love to hear in your comments below, other ways to keep your fans engaged through Twitter.

What do you tweet about?…