5 Social Networks Every Musician Should Master

The deluge of social networks and websites for musicians is starting to get out of control. With a lack of services to filter through these networks, the life of the working musician can quickly become filled with updating and not with practicing and improving.

Keep in mind that not all networks will apply to all types of music and all types of fans.

Work on building your presence on a few key networks. Once you have your presence established you can move on to the more niche oriented sites. Doing it all at once will only waste time and leave you exhausted.

The important thing to remember about social networks is to choose the ones that are right for you and your music.

With that in mind here are 5 social networks that every musician should consider using and mastering before branching on to other niche networks.

5) Myspace: Though a profile here is becoming increasingly irrelevant, Myspace still has a network of millions who can discover your music through the site. Tip: Keep your profile simple and clean. Excessive scrolling and long load times are a no-no. Think of Myspace as a way to capture new fans, those who just want a quick sample of what you’re about. If they find your music interesting and want to learn more, they can move on to your website or other networks.

4) Facebook: A Facebook Fan Page is great tool to communicate with fans and spread awareness through the Facebook community of 400 million users. Fan pages are an easy way to interact with fans and they provide you with visitor statistics and demographics of your followers. Events are also a fantastic tool to promote individual shows in certain areas. While not easily customizable, fan pages are still a great way to get information about your shows or events to spread virally to a large group of people.

3) YouTube: Have your own youtube channel dedicated to releasing your videos. Everything from interviews, music videos, live performances, clips in the studio and anything else you can think of should be uploaded here. Remember, the more unique the video the better chance of it being noticed and going viral. Tip: Keep your videos as short as possible. Use the statistical tools provided to see when people are getting tired of your previous videos and use this knowledge to improve future uploads.

2) Twitter: This is the easiest way for fans to communicate with you and vice versa. Use this as a tool for fun facts, setting up contests, pictures of you recording a song as it happens, or promoting new songs. Be careful not to constantly promote shows and music as this can drive people away. Instead, use the 12 to 1 rule, by promoting others over yourself the majority of the time. Keep your posts interesting and avoid the mundane. Let your personality shine through.

1) Your Website: This is the most important place on the web. Think of your website as the Hub where all fans should eventually end up. Use your site to socialize with fans, provide news and information, sell directly to your audience, collect email addresses, and build a community of like-minded people around your music.

Remember to take the time to build your networks.

You may want to have a very basic profile on many other popular networks, but only update a few key sites and build your fan base through those. Once you’ve established yourself on these networks expand and think of other social sites where your fans might hang out.

If you sing about boats, try to find a social network for boaters and sailors and establish a presence. Same goes if your music depicts a certain lifestyle or attitude. The goal here is not to spend your time adding friends and followers, it is to connect with fans and maintain relationships with the ones you have.

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